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At RQ Alarms & Security your peace of mind is our priority. Our cost-effective and innovative security solutions make us the pinnacle of reliability in the greater Namakwa area.

Our control room operates 24/7.

Protecting our client’s is all we do

Home & Business Security Solutions

RQ Alarms & Security is a guarding and electronic security company offering affordable and tailored security solutions in Springbok and the Greater Namakwa Region. Established in 2004, the team at RQ Alarms & Security takes pride in providing dedicated and unwavering local security services and industry-approved electronic solutions for both home and business properties.

“We ensure the safety of clients and what matters most to them – life, family and property.”


Our technical/service department is on-hand to install intruder detection, fire alarm, panic and perimeter systems to secure homes, businesses and assets.

Control Room

Our state of the art control room displays high-quality video and information feeds, enabling operators to detect and act on security breaches before they become threats.


Our onsite and roaming guards deter unauthorised person(s) gaining unlawful entry into your business, ensuring that your people, property and valuables remain safe.


We provide both long and short-term extensively trained guards for both private and commercial properties. Our team of guards are highly trained and licensed firearm users to ensure the safety of your home, business and loved ones.

Why Choose RQ Alarms & Security

At RQ Alarms & Security we make use of the quality alarm and security systems to establish a strong and powerful presence around your home, complex or business. We ensure that you are covered 24/7.




Living every moment with the same integrity we would expect to be treated with.


Living every moment with the same integrity we would expect to be treated with.


We care for every member of our team, showing respect not only for the person but for their needs.


We are one team, members as well as customers, and together we can achieve ultimate success.

Our Clients

Protect your family and the things that matter most with our comprehensive security solutions. Speak to a consultant today!